The Team

Phil Roman will serve as Senior Executive Producer of Baby Silkworm and the Alien Invasion. Phil has produced 41 films/television series and has directed 35. He is best known for animating The Simpsons, a brand which has generated $13B USD from its humble beginnings at his studio. Aside from winning 6 Emmy Awards, Phil’s unparalleled leadership experience in animation includes:

  • 161 episodes of The Simpsons

  • 36 episodes of King of the Hill

  • 121 episodes of Garfield and Friends 

  • 11 Charlie Brown Specials

  • 81 episodes of Bobby’s World  

  • Uncounted Tom and Jerry Episodes 

  • 54 episodes of The Mask

  • Lead animator for The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

菲尔l罗曼将担任《蚕宝宝和外星人入侵》的高级执行制片人。 菲尔已经制作了41部电影/电视连续 剧,并担任了35部片子的导演。他最出名的作品是动画片《辛普森一家》,这个品牌默默无闻的从他 的工作室起步,到如今已创造了130亿美元。 菲尔除了赢得6项艾美奖外,他在动画领域的卓越领导经 验还包括:

  • 161集《辛普森一家》”  

  • 36集《山丘之王》

  • 121集《加菲猫和他的朋友们》 

  • 11部《查理l布朗》特辑

  • 81集《鲍比的世界》

  • 难以计数的《汤姆和杰瑞》

  • 54集《面具》  

  • 《圣诞怪杰》的首席动画师


 Dr. Rich Melheim, founder of New Silk Road Studios and writer of Baby Silkworm and the Alien Invasion, will serve as Executive Producer along with Phil Roman. Dr. Rich is an author and publisher who has spoken on children, parenting and family issues on five continents and 1000 cities. He has written 24 books, produced 24 music albums, illustrated 8 children’s books, written and produced 7 musical comedy stage plays and appeared on 50 network news channels from CNN (Atlanta) to WNBC (New York) to KTLA (Los Angeles) to Nile TV in Cairo, Egypt. 

睿启博士,作为新丝绸之路工作室的创始人兼《蚕宝宝和外星人入侵》的作者,将与菲尔l罗曼一起 担任执行制片人。 睿启博士是一位作家和出版人,曾在五大洲和上千个城市中就儿童、育儿和家庭问 题发表过演讲。 他已创作了24本书,制作了24个音乐专辑,为8本儿童书籍设计了插画,编写并制作 了7 舞台剧(喜剧类音乐剧),并得到了50个新闻频道的电视采访,从CNN(亚特兰大)到WNBC(纽约)到KTLA(洛杉矶),再到埃及开罗的尼罗河电视频。


In Hollywood Tom Brooks will work with Zhiming Han on a true “East meets West” sound score and serve as executive producer of the Baby Silkworm album. Tom is a Grammy winning composer with six platinum albums, 12 gold albums, a Latin Grammy, a Dove Award, and producer of 150 albums for Sony. Tom was  founding producer of Integrity Music, which has sold 30 million albums in 130 countries.

 在好莱坞,汤姆布鲁克斯将与志明汉合作,获得真正的“东西合璧”音乐评分,并担任Baby Silkworm专辑的执行制片人。汤姆是格莱美获奖作曲家,拥有6张白金专辑,12张金唱片,拉丁格莱美奖,鸽子奖以及索尼150张专辑的制作人。 Tom是Integrity Music的创始人,该公司已在130个国家销售了3000万张专辑。

ALSO IN CHINA we will work with award-winning international composer Zhiming Han.  A world- class performer and virtuoso specializing in traditional Chinese instruments, Han is also a producer and a voting member for USA Grammy Awards, His orchestral compositions won him the Henry Mancini Film Music Composition Award. Han will orchestrate and direct the music for our film. 

在中国,我们还将与屡获殊荣的国际作曲家韩志明合作,他是世界级的表演大师和专注于中国传 统乐器的演奏家,同时,他也是一名音乐制作人和美国格莱美奖的投票成员,他的管弦乐作品为 他赢得了“亨利曼西尼电影音乐创作奖”。 他将为我们的电影编排和指导音乐。

Phil Roman is excited to reconnect with his seasoned team from The Simpsons/Garfield days at the core of our operation to deliver top quality, humor, and world-class results for investors. The goal will be to build a beloved children’s brand that will launch products for years to come.  The team will include:

菲尔l罗曼很高兴能够重新聚集《辛普 森一家》/《加菲猫》时期的经验丰富 的原班人马,作为我们运作的核心, 为投资者提供最高的品质和幽默,呈

现世界一流的成果。 我们的目标是 建立一个大众喜爱的儿童品牌,且该 品牌将在未来几年内推出品牌化的产 品。制作团队将包括:


The Creative Team


Pete Michels, Cine Golden Eagle Award winner, Prime Time Emmy Nominee and former supervising director who worked closely with Phil Roman over the years. (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Comedy Central, Disney’s Super Cooper, Rick and Morty)


皮特l米切斯(Pete Michels),电影金鹰奖获得者,黄金档电视节目艾美奖提名,多年来担任导演和监制与菲尔l 罗曼密切合作。 (《辛普森一家》、《恶搞之家》,《喜剧中心》,以及迪斯尼出品的《超级库珀》、《里克和莫蒂》)



Chris Bolden, (The Simpsons, Good Vibes, Rick and Morty)


克里斯l博登(Chris Bolden),(《辛普森一家》 、《人人好心情》、《里克和莫蒂》)



Mark Ervin,  (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Rugrats, Garfield and Friends) 


马克l欧文(Mark Ervin),(《辛普森一家》、《恶搞之家》、《飞出个未来》、《淘气小兵兵》、



Mike Morris, (The Simpsons, Disney’s Ducktales and Future Worm)


麦克l莫里斯(Mike Morris),(《辛普森一家》,迪斯尼出品 的《唐老鸭俱乐部》和《未来虫冒险》


Jonathan Koelsch


Jonathan Koelsch is an award-winning comic book artist. He has created many different styles of works, but he really likes to draw spaceships, dragons and aliens.




Scenery will be designed and overseen by Phil Roman’s US team. Daily work will be done by our animation studio partner DQ Entertainment.




View samples of their quality work at: