The Feature Film

Baby Silkworm and the Alien Invasion is a charming tale about the importance of elders passing on their values, stories and culture to the younger generation. Although it highlights the beauty of ancient Chinese culture, it will also help grandparents, parents and elders of all nations to understand the importance of teaching traditions to the young. If they do this well, their identity will be preserved and not disappear in this time of endless entertainment and technology bombarding our children and undermining traditional values. 

 文化的重要性。虽然它突出了中国古代文化的美好,但是 它也将帮助所有国家的祖父母、父母和老人了解 统教育 对年轻人的重要性。如果他们能做好此项工作,他们的身 份将得到传承,而不是在这个无休止的娱乐时代中消失,任凭技术轰炸我们的孩子和破坏传统价值观。


Along with being delightfully entertaining, the film also teaches:


Our modern world is full of distractions. Elders are rarely respected. They are often pushed to the side by technology, the speed of change, and children looking for quick entertainment. Baby Silkworm and the Alien Invasion is a modern-day parable challenging young people to respect their elders and invite their stories, songs and traditions into their lives. It can bring generations together to attend a movie, then engage in deeper understandings and conversations. It can create beautiful cross+generational connections between children and elders. 

1. 尊重长者

我们的现代世界充满了让人分 心的东西,因此,长者很少受 到尊重。他们经常被技术、变 化的速度和寻求快速娱乐的孩 子 到一边。 《蚕宝宝和外星 人入侵》是一个现代的寓言, 向年轻人发出挑战,要求尊重 他们的长辈,并鼓励他们将长 辈的故事、歌曲和传统延续到 他们自己的生活中。可以让几 代人一起去看电影,然后进行 更深入的理解和对话。它可以 在儿童和长辈之间构建美好的 隔代人的纽带。



This film will teach the young to seek out and value ancient stories and traditions. It will help both young and old reestablish connections to each other and to their rich cultural past.

2. 尊重传统

这部电影将教导年轻人寻找并 重视古代故事和传统。它将有 助于年轻人和老年人重建彼此 之间的纽带以及他们丰富的文 化历史。



With this feature film, New Silk Road Studios and our partners also hope to open a “new silk road” to children around the world to learn about China and gain a positive first impression of Chinese culture. This can build bridges of trust and friendship between children of China and children around the world - connections that will last for generations.

 3. 尊重中国文化

通过这部故事片,新丝路工作 室和我们的合作伙伴也希望为 世界各地的儿童开辟一条“新丝 绸之路”来了解中国,并对中国  化产生积极的第一印象。这 可以在中国儿童与世界各地儿 童之间的架起信任和友谊的桥 梁——这种纽带将世代延续。